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At the top of the "Mikros Afendis" of the Dikti mountain range, which includes the Lasithi plateau, at an altitude of 1571 meters, is the church of the Holy Spirit, built in stone in the 1840, probably on the ruins of a more ancient construction.

In Dikti to the north and in the center are the sources of streams/rivers such as Aposelemis, Anapodaris is to the southwest and Krios or Sarantapichos or Psoriaris to the southeast. The Aposelemi river basin begins south of the Katharou plateau on the border of the municipalities of Agios Nikolaos and Ierapetra. Then, after crossing the Katharou Plateau, enter the Lasithi Plateau via the Havgas gorge.

Dikti is an excellent refuge for fauna and flora. The low-lying slopes are covered with olive, carob and pine trees. The largest pine forest in Crete, Selakanos, forms in the southeastern foyers, while near Vrachasi is a large forest of great arias, Azilakodasos. The fertile plateaux and valleys of the Dikti mountain range produce a variety of agricultural products such as potatoes, vegetables, pears, apples and nuts. Also, in the mountains there is an important traditional sheep and goat breeding. On the plateau of Lasithi, near the village of Psychro, there is the visitable Dikteo cave, in which, according to Greek mythology, Zeus was born.

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