Fiastra - Macerata Live cam

Fiastra, view of the lake with the dam, the viewpoint and the beach in the background


Looking to escape to a tranquil lakeside paradise without leaving home? Discover this perfect spot in Italy withour Fiastra live webcam!

Fiastra is a charming town located in the province of Macerata, within the Marche region of central Italy. Known for its beautiful landscapes and peaceful ambiance, it is a perfect getaway for nature lovers and those looking to explore the lesser-known Italian gems. Our Fiastra live cam offers stunning views of Lake Fiastra, its impressive dam, picturesque surroundings, and the inviting beach in the background. Lake Fiastra, a stunning artificial lake, is one of the main attractions in the area. The dam itself is an impressive structure, contributing to the lake’s formation and providing a beautiful contrast to the natural surroundings. In the background of our webcam’s view, you can spot the beach area of the Lake.

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