Ashland - Oregon Live cam

View from Plaza Square in Ashland, Oregon


Discover the cultural richness of Oregon like never before with our Ashland live webcam.

Ashland is a charming city celebrated for its natural landscapes, cultural diversity and depth, and dynamic arts and cultural community. One of its highlights is Plaza Square, which is at the center of the city's downtown area. It serves as a focal point for the community, it's surrounded by charming shops, restaurants, and cafes, making it a perfect place for visitors to enjoy the city's atmosphere. The square often hosts local events and festivals throughout the year. Ashland is most famous for its Oregon Shakespeare Festival, founded in 1935, which is one of the oldest and largest regional repertory theater companies in the US. It takes place in three theaters, including the iconic outdoor Allen Elizabethan Theatre, and features a wide range of Shakespearean plays and contemporary works.

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