Pimentel Live cam

View of the pier from the Pimentel seafront


Indulge in a virtual beach retreat and let our Pimentel Webcam transport you to the idyllic shores of Chiclayo.

Pimentel is a charming fishing village located along the coast of Chiclayo, Peru. This picturesque place is famous for its beautiful beach and the enchanting pier that extends along the waterfront. The Pimentel pier is a true attraction and a distinctive feature of the village. This webcam allows you to experience the coastal charm of Pimentel, even if you're miles away. The pier is also a landmark for local fishing activity. You can observe the fishermen returning from their fishing trips, bringing with them the fresh fruits of the sea. It is a fascinating place to immerse yourself in the daily life of the fishermen and appreciate the maritime culture of Peru.

Join viewers from around the world as they tune into our Pimentel live cam, marveling at the beauty and tranquility of this coastal paradise. Afterward, don't miss the opportunity to visit our other Peru webcams!