Cusco - Plaza Mayor Live cam

Cusco, view of Plaza de Armas with the Catedral Basilica de la Virgen de la Asunción in the background


Are you looking for a charming perspective of Plaza Mayor and its surroundings? Stop here and enjoy our Cusco webcam.

Cusco, the ancient capital of the Inca Empire, holds a special allure for tourists as it remains one of the most popular destinations. At the heart of the city, in Plaza de Armas, visitors are greeted by magnificent colonial-era buildings and the grand Cathedral housing the revered black statue of the Savior. Plaza Mayor, also known as Plaza de Armas, is one of the main and most important squares in the city, surrounded by ancient colonial buildings and the majestic Andean mountains in the background. Through this live cam, you can enjoy a real-time view of the square and observe the activity taking place in the area. During special events or celebrations, the square can come alive with festivities, shows, or traditional parades.

Observe the activity taking place in the area thanks to our Cusco live cam.. and continue to explore Peru with our cameras.