Arequipa - Plaza Mayor Live cam

Arequipa, view of the square and the cathedral, El Misti in the background


Welcome to Arequipa Live Cam! Get ready to be charmed by its picturesque Plaza Mayor!

Arequipa, the second-largest city of Peru, is located in the mountainous area at the foot of a sleeping volcano. Tune in to our delightful Arequipa live webcam and soak up the vibrant atmosphere of this historic square. Marvel at the stunning colonial architecture and immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Arequipa. Plaza Mayor, also known as the Main Square, is the vibrant epicenter of Arequipa's cultural and social life. The plaza is adorned with beautiful gardens, inviting benches, and a central fountain that adds to its charm. Whether you're planning a trip or simply exploring from afar, our webcam brings you closer to the heart of this enchanting city that attracts tourists and fans of outdoor activities such as climbing and rafting.

Join us and let your wanderlust take flight! Don't forget to check out our live webcams across Peru for more captivating views.