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This wonderful Marina of ancient origins is the ideal space for any type of boat due to its capacity to accommodate about 470 vessels of large dimensions. The Harbour is without doubt a place to visit for those who choose Mola di Bari to spend their holidays and a source of pride for the citizens, as well as being one of the main means of economic development, it is also among the most important ports of the whole Region of Apulia, famous throughout Italy and really the heart of the city.
The coast is beautiful, the sea always clear and transparent, a charming framework of a town full of narrow streets and alleys to form a real medieval village, just 20 km. south-east of the capital.
The origins of the city have always been obscure and controversial, perhaps Roman, perhaps Greek, but Mola di Bari, once only rural area, was re-founded by Charles I of Anjou in 1277, that's for sure! After several and painful vicissitudes, including the terrible pestilence of the seventeenth century, finally began a great economic recovery thanks to the ship traffic and agriculture, which also led to an increase in population and stability.
Anyway, the sea is today the main economic resource for the city.

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