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The 'Bisantis Bridge' (also known as 'Morandi Bridge' or 'Fiumarella Viaduct') is the real symbol for the city, glory
and pride for Italy, Calabria and its citizens.
Only 12 minutes far away from the lovely sea and about half an hour from the Sila Piccola, this wonderful monument of engineering and architecture was born out of the necessity to build an important gateway to the city; the roman Riccardo Morandi, one of the greatest italian architects and really a master as regards the use of the prestressed reinforced concrete, brilliantly followed this ambitious project on behalf of the Provincial Administration in the fifties; the construction works started in 1958 and were completed only 4 years later, in 1962. The final result was a giant concrete structure, a massive one-arch bridge consisting of two independent semi-arches and a single carriageway road for means and pedestrians, the ideal way to connect the old town to the De Filippis district by crossing the Fiumarella Valley. Today, the Bridge is not only a simple access road but also an integral part of the urban furniture and the most beautiful landmark of the city.
Thanks to its measures, the Bisantis Bridge achieved important records: 468,45 meters long, 110 meters high, 231 meters its span (distance between the two supporting point of the arch) made it the second one-arch bridge in the world (after the swedish one) as regards the breadth of the span, with a framework, temporarily made up of steel tubes and concrete, among the highest structures in the world with more than 120 meters height; furthermore, it is the only one-arch bridge that, once completed the construction and taken the scaffolding down, didn't undergo any damage; it has been the tallest one-arch bridge in the world for many years, today it is placed third, the second in Europe and boasts the first position as one-arch bridge ever built in Italy.
In 2001 the Bisantis Bridge was illuminated, its wonderful lighting system turned the structure into a bridge of intense light connecting the two banks of the Fiumarella Valley, really impressive by night! Just during the inauguration ceremony it was named in memory of Catanzaro native, illustrious citizen and Senator of the Italian Republic Fausto Bisantis.
A little curiosity: this remarkable example of high architecture, that should be admired at least one time in our life, has got a twin brother (only as regards its structure) in Katanga, between Congo and South-Africa. Its majesty leaves literally speechless all those who daily reach the capital, for citizens and tourists, who have had the pleasure to cross the Bridge, there is another record, a spectacular view, from a height of 110 meters it overlooks the entire city.

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