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Beautiful panoramic view of the West Bay Beach

With just one click, our West Bay beach webcam will take you straight to the remotest region of Roatán Island, Honduras. Located on the island's western border, West Bay is undoubtedly one of Honduras' most attractive tourist destinations.

With its crystal clear waters, West Bay beach is definitely a must-see! This long stretch of powdery white sand and clear turquoise waters is a unique habitat for corals and other protected species. So, pack your scuba mask and flippers and get ready to snorkel! The Gumbalimba Par can also be found in this part of the island, where several exotic animals and plants find their natural habitat. If you want to add a pinch of adrenaline to your trip, take the canopy tour in the park, a path of 17 platforms linked by ropes await!

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West End Beach - Roatán
West End Beach - Roatán

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In the furthest-west area of Roatán Island, in Honduras, is situated the wonderful West Bay, its beach is among the most beautiful and popular beaches and holiday destinations of the world. A long stretch of powdery white sand enriched by palm trees and clear blue-turquoise waters of the Caribbean, a stunning bottom habitat teeming with deep-sea corals and sponges, rare fishes and plants all living in the splendid Roatán Island's coral reef, the second largest in the world, only a short distance from shore, an unique experience for researchers, scuba divers, snorkeling enthusiasts, scientists who have the invaluable opportunity to closely admire a tropical universe made up of fishes of any kind and form, rare plants, coral formations, clefts, spectacular caves, a naturalistic underwater paradise that will provide one of their most memorable experiences.

Nice weather, calm ocean conditions, perfect environment for diving and snorkeling and numerous options for accommodation make West Bay one of the world's most visited holiday destinations, its guests will have the opportunity to enjoy relaxing guided tours, take part to a wide range of scuba diving lessons and courses, explore unspoiled trails...it is perfect for anyone who is looking for fun, enjoyment and relaxation, West Bay provides the best of both worlds, peace and quite and an active nightlife, spots shaded by coconut palms while relaxing in a hammock and enjoying a fresh tropical drink and not so far disco playing a lot of Latin music; West Bay is proudly multicultural, an exciting mixture of latin styles, Caribbean identities and European cultures, still today an amazing testimony of a glorious past. Extremely comfortable in all respects, West Bay is a great family-oriented location, the ideal place for children as well as groups of friends, adventure or solitude seekers and wildlife lovers, there's perhaps no better place than this romantic beach to get married or to choose it as our honeymoon destination; West Bay is moreover within easy reach of the airport of Roatan and the other beaches of the island, the quickest and most inexpensive way to daily get about from West Bay Beach is undoubtedly by water-taxi.

Although modern, West Bay still keeps all the charm of a Caribbean untouched island, there is a strong evidence of its ancient traditions living side by side with the newest entertainment opportunities, Roatan Island is a land of contrasts where it is extremely easy to see luxurious resorts next to bungalows or simple wooden homes built along the beaches, or crowded places and unspoiled and relaxing spots for a more unique, intimate island experience; tourism is certainly growing rapidly, however most Hondurans still earn their living from fishing, their lifestyle is very simple however they're very kind, this is highly appreciated by visitors and tourists who try to maintain and strengthen the bond of friendship with them since always amazed by the warmth of Honduran hospitality.

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