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Welcome to Pieria - Olympus Riviera. You are in one of the most historical places in the world, since from here began all the ancient Greek history and mythology which has influenced all of humanity to this day.

Pieria - Olympus Riviera is a jewel of Macedonia as it has to tell a story, to awe the treasures of nature, to narrate the habits of Zeus and the other gods of Olympus in mythology and to travel the mind to the incomparable charm of the sea.

Olympus is known in Greek mythology as the house of the Greek gods, at the top of Mytikas. Every year, thousands of visitors admire its fauna and flora, tour its slopes and climb its peaks. The usual starting point for climbing Olympus is the town of Litochoro, at the eastern foot of the mountain.

The coasts of Pieria are unique, both for their large area and for the diversity of the holidays they offer.

Wide shores of rare natural beauty, with rich and golden sand that is interrupted at intervals by pebbles, groves and pines, end smoothly in blue and warm sea.

Most have organized settlements with Hotels, Restaurants, Beach Bars, and a cosmopolitan environment with a vibrant nightlife.

They are unique resorts with easy and safe access, while there is the possibility to visit all the historical, cultural and ecological sights.

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