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View of Vrisi Beach in Sfakia

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Chora Sfakion, or simply Sfakia, is a picturesque town on the south coast of West Crete.
It is the capital of the remote and mountainous province of Sfakia and rises near the end of the beautiful gorge of Imbros, about 74 km south of Chania.
Vrisi is Chora’s main beach, located on the Western side of town, accessible thanks to narrow alleys. Above the beach, which is extremely organized, over to the East, the small Byzantine church of Agios Georgios can be found.
In front of the taverns, next to the Port of Chora, another small beach lays, this one is semi organized.
Fresh water gushes on the East side, which is why the rocks present green algae.
The waters in Chora Sfakion are generally cold due to the water sources located at sea.
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