St. George's Bay in Birżebbuġa live cam

Stunning view on the bay with Malta Freeport in the background

St. George's Bay in Birżebbuġa

The southern part of Malta boasts a stunning location, rich in history and breathtaking beauties, it is Birżebbuġa, the city of olives; its name seems to derive from the combination of 'bir' with 'żebbuġa' (well of olives), this confirms the importance of the cultivation of olives still keeping the local economy very strong, Birżebbuġa is the heart of four stunning valleys, which are Wied Dalam, Wied Zembaq, Wied Qoton and Wied Buni. Until the late 1800's, its population was made up of farmers, fishermen, hunters, only later it gained a higher visibility as one of the most visited holiday destinations of Malta.

Cam online since: 01/21/2014