Santander - Playa del Sardinero Live cam

Santander, view over the Playa del Sardinero


Our Santander webcam provides live images of Playa del Sardiniero.

Santander is one of the most charming cities on Spain’s northern coast. Both the sea and mountains characterize this city! XIX century buildings, beautiful terraces and enchanting bay fascinate tourists from around the globe.

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From Camello or La Concha to the long Sardinero beach, tourists who vacation in this area have a wide range of beaches to choose from. Surfing in Spain’s warm waters is an unforgettable experience! After a dip and a nice walk along the waterfront, many tourists and locals make their way to the spectacular viewpoint of Piquío Gardens and then to Mesones Park. Some of the city's most sumptuous palaces can be admired along the way.

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