Leavenworth - Rhein Haus Live cam

View from the Rhein Haus Bavarian-style village in Leavenworth

This live webcam in Leavenworth overlooks the charming Bavarian-style village in Washington, US.

Leavenworth (WA) is a small mountain town and the perfect place to experience the German lifestyle in the United States.

In 1960, Leavenworth reinvented itself and turned into a real Bavarian Village (even though locals don't actually speak German!). Today, people wearing Bavarian-style clothes can be seen strolling the town streets.

Leavenworth is undoubtedly worth a visit, especially during the Christmas holidays. The Leavenworth Christmas Lighting Festival and the Leavenworth Oktoberfest, similar to the one held in Munich, are major events and shouldn't be missed.

Check the weather in Leavenworth with our Washington live cam! Enjoy the Bavarian atmosphere live and explore our stunning webcams in the United States.