Duluth - Minnesota Slip Live cam

View of the Minnesota Slip and the Duluth Port area


This Duluth webcam overlooks the Minnesota port area.

Adventurous souls and thrill-seekers will be pleasantly surprised by Duluth! Not only is it the birthplace of the iconic Bob Dylan, but it’s also one of the Midwest's most scenic cities. Home to the largest and busiest port on the Great Lakes, it has a rich maritime history and heritage! The area boasts many lovely parks and gardens Canal Park, located on the northern shore of Lake Superior is undoubtedly a “must-see”. Located on the Lakewalk, it offers visitors plenty of choices when it comes to restaurants, art galleries and lively jazz clubs. In Duluth, the Lakewalk is a signature spot for running. From Canal Park, the multi-use path stretches about 8 miles (ca. 13 km) north reaching Brighton Beach along Lake Superior.

Enjoy this beautiful view with this Duluth harbor webcam and discover all our live cams in Minnesota.