Fort Madison Live cam

View from the train station in Fort Madison, Iowa

Track the rhythm of our Fort Madison live webcam at its iconic train station! Join the online community and soak up its vibrant vibes! Fort Madison is a city situated in Iowa, along the Mississippi River. The city's economy has historically been tied to agriculture, manufacturing, and transportation due to its strategic location along the river. What to see then? Old Fort Madison: A reconstruction of the original Fort Madison, providing visitors with a glimpse into the region's early history. Santa Fe Swing Span Bridge: A historic bridge that once served railway traffic and is now a pedestrian bridge. Fort Madison is well-connected by road, and it has a notable Amtrak station, making it a transportation hub for both rail and road travel.

And for those curious eyes, our Fort Madison live cam captures not only the trains rolling by but also the spirit of the city. So, check it out and explore other local views through our Iowa live cams! Happy viewing!