Westbrook - Water's Edge Resort Live cam

View of Water's Edge Resort in Westbrook, Connecticut


Be mesmerized by the rhythmic dance of the waves against a backdrop of a quintessential New England escape with our Westbrook live webcam! Situated along the shoreline of Long Island Sound, Westbrook offers picturesque views and access to beautiful beaches and coastal landscapes. It's positioned between the Connecticut River and the Hammonasset Beach State Park, making it a desirable destination for those seeking coastal beauty. With a history dating back to colonial times, Westbrook has historical sites and landmarks that showcase its rich heritage. Travelers can explore historical architecture, and museums, and learn about the town's past.

Embrace the scenic allure of this Westbrook live cam, where ocean waves paint a serene canvas against Connecticut's picturesque backdrop. Remember that other mesmerizing vistas await your virtual exploration so consider exploring our other US live webcams now!