Santa Rosa - Courthouse Square Live cam

View of Courthouse Square in Santa Rosa, California

This Santa Rosa live webcam brings you to a landmark in California that has witnessed countless moments throughout the years, from significant historical events to lively community gatherings. Courthouse Square is an iconic square in the heart of Santa Rosa, California. In addition to housing the Sonoma County courthouse, it holds great historical and social significance for the city. Built-in 1854, the square has become the vital center of the community, hosting public events, concerts, and political rallies over the years. Despite being struck by an earthquake in 1906, the square was rebuilt and now showcases fascinating and modern architecture. Today, Courthouse Square is a gathering place for residents and visitors, surrounded by trendy shops, restaurants, and cafes. It offers a welcoming open space to relax, socialize, and soak in the vibrant atmosphere of the city.

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