Lima - Miraflores Live cam

Lima, view of Óvalo de Miraflores


Many of you will have heard of the capital city of Peru but few will have had the opportunity to see it in its everyday. We can show it to you thanks to our Lima live webcam.

As the main city, it takes the leading role in the business life of the country. It is a modern city that whimsically combines the latest achievements of civilization and the traditions of the ancient Indians. In its streets, skyscrapers made of glass and concrete stand next to wooden huts. The historic center of the city stands as a remarkable testament to the Spanish colonial era, earning its place on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Presidential Palace, the catacombs of Saint Francis Monastery, and the Cathedral serve as true pilgrimage sites for tourists in the capital. Thanks to our Miraflores live cam you can get a taste of this city!

Observe the energetic buzz of our Lima live cam as people go about their daily routines and if that wasn't enough, view our webcams from the world's most beautiful cities.