Panorama of Mount Fuji Live cam

A wonderful panoramic view over Mount Fuji in Fujikawaguchiko

This Mount Fuji live stream offers a breathtaking panoramic volcano's view in Fujikawaguchiko (a town in the Yamanashi Prefecture, about 130 km from Tokyo). As Japan's highest mountain, Mount Fuji (or Fuji Volcano) is 3,776m high (12,389.2 ft) and one of the country's "Three Holy Mountains". It is a place of worship, a shrine dedicated to the God Asama Okami (believed to have prevented an eruption) can be found here.
The mountain's frequent volcanic eruptions have gradually led to lakes and caves near the Aokigahara Forest. Although the last eruption was in 1707 and volcanologists say there are no signs of activity at the moment, Fuji Volcano is still classified as active.
Today, Fuji and its surroundings are a popular destination for hiking, climbing, camping and relaxing. Travelers from all over the world visit the Shizouka and Yamanashi prefectures in Tokyo (東京) to admire this magnificent mountain.

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