Musashi Mitake Shrine - Tokyo Live cam

View of Musashi Mitake Shrine in Tokyo


This stunning Japan webcam overlooks the mesmerizing Musashi-Mitake Shrine on the city's Mount Mitake (Mitakesan), at an altitude of 929 m (3,084 ft), in the Shibuya district, Tokyo (東京).

This Shinto shrine was first built in 91 BC and is one of Japan's 120 shrines. After a breathtaking entrance, this Japanese "temple" displays numerous precious items, designated as National Treasure and Important Cultural Properties.

The Musashi-Mitake Shrine is the starting point for hikes on Mount Mitake and can be reached either by cable car or chairlift. After returning to the Mitake Station, a visit to the Tama River Gorge is a bucket-list must. A suspension bridge offers a beautiful view of the valley and provides access to the gracious Gyokudo Art Museum.

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