Prati di Tivo - Corno Piccolo - Gran Sasso Live cam

View of the cableway of Prati di Tivo


Our live cam in Prati di Tivo provides a splendid view of the cableway in Gran Sasso National Park, at the foot of Corno Piccolo.

Prati di Tivo is located just a few km from Teramo, right on the slopes of the Gran Sasso massif. Because of its location and scenery, this renowned Central Italian ski resort attracts visitors all year round!

Although usually considered a winter destination, especially popular among sport enthusiasts, Prati di Tivo is also the perfect place to escape summer heat waves. Visitors can enjoy a myriad of activities, from skiing (downhill and cross-country) to snowboarding and hiking, not to mention mountaineering, cycling and mountain biking. Mountaineering enthusiasts can climb their way up to the top of Corno Piccolo and Corno Grande's eastern and central peaks from Prati di Tivo. An impressive panoramic view awaits!

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