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Elafonisos is located on the southeastern part of the Peloponnese and belongs to the prefecture of Laconia. The population of the island, which is a few hundred in the winter, is almost doubled during the summer. The island is a tourist attraction with a peak in August.

The current name Elafonisos is owed to the extensive hunting that took place in the region since ancient times, and, as mentioned by Pausanias, there were many temples of Artemis in the region and especially existed many small-sized red deer. Besides, the famous statue of the goddess Artemis in the Louvre Museum, which holds such a deer has been found in the region.

This beautiful island is especially known for its unique and very clean beaches. The most well known of all are the two beaches of Frank and Sarakiniko (Simos) in the south side of the island. Until today, Elafonisos is the main passage of ships to the eastern Mediterranean.

There are many various accommodation types and categories to meet all demands that guarantee unforgettable holidays in this beautiful island.

Cultural events take place in early July celebrating the integration of Elafonisos with Greece (with the release of the Ionian Islands) and the celebration of the inauguration of the church's patron Saint Spyridon. In the last week of August, several events take place in honor of the fishermen organised by there association.

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