Lesbos - Mithymna Molyvos Live cam

Great view of Mithymna, Lesbos


Home of the poet Sappho, Lesvos (or Mytilene) is the third-largest Greek island, located in the northeastern Aegean Sea opposite the coast of Turkey.

Our webcam in Molyvos (or Mithymna) provides a stunning view of one of the island's most charming towns. Located on Lesbos' northwestern tip, it was very influential during the Bronze Age. In this picturesque village, houses are made of stone and wood, with unique courtyards and balconies.
One of the main attractions is definitely the medieval Genoese fortress, Castle of Mithymna (captured on our Lesvos webcam from afar), which dominates the city skyline. Built by the Byzantines, it is one of Greece's most impressive fortresses and sits right on top of the town. Climb to the castle's top and enjoy a coffee with stunning views of the Turkish sea and coastline. Live music and performances are held within the castle by famous bands and orchestras!

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