Ecuador - Ayangue Beach Live cam

View on Ayangue beach, also known as 'the Pacific pool' from the Casa Nautilus Hotel


Watch our Ayangue Beach live webcam and Ecuador will surprise you.

In the Santa Elena province, between Playa Rosada and San Pedro, you find Ayangue a small fishing village in Ecuador. It is one of the most visited spas by the community of divers and freedivers in that country due to its proximity to the most important diving spots on the Spondylus Route. It differs from all other beaches due to the geographical conditions that give it clear, warm, and calm waters. For this reason, it was named “The Pool of the Pacific" since mountains interrupted the sea and the waters form a natural pool. In its depths is hidden a great diversity of fauna and flora. It is considered one of the best places for diving and this Ecuador live webcam shows you why. Its beaches are nesting sea turtles.

Dive into this ocean pool thanks to our Ayangue beach live cam and get the best by looking at amazing beaches worldwide.