Every day, thousands of live cams allow us to admire striking panoramic views: lakes, parks, seaside resorts, squares, monuments and all the wonders of nature, history and architecture generously have to offer.

Statistics show that pages populated by live cams are among the most visited by Internet users, that is an index of their liking and of the increasing attention of users in this engaging form of communication. As a matter of fact, today people are more and more likely to choose, through the internet, their preferred destination for holidays.

The first impression is crucial: the cam must be able to convey emotions, giving the feeling of looking out the window of your facility or location!

SkylineWebcams Technology

Compared to other cams systems, SkylineWebcams, the innovative technology developed by VisioRay©, reaches a level of quality never seen before, offering to millions of visitors extraordinary live images.

SkylineWebcams develops and produces its own High Definition live cams, in which video transmits impressive images in real time; the sharpness and color rendition of the images are exceptional. The live HD streaming is now possible with any type of ADSL connection!

Our live streams are distributed through smart Cloud networking, which is able to serve every user from the server geographically closest to you, thus guaranteeing the highest quality in every country around the world.

SkylineWebcams: our numbers/statistics

95+ Million
Monthly page views
Satisfied customers

SkylineWebcams Technology Explore our innovation!

SkylineWebcams Horizon HD comes in an elegant and resistant technopolymer housing, whose design and craftsmanship are Made in Italy.

Completely waterproof, our cam can withstand the most extreme weather conditions, its materials retain their properties unchanged for decades, even in the hostile of environments such as near the sea and industrial areas.

Thanks to the latest numerous innovations, Horizon HD offers significant technological advantages, anti-fogging glass, and the ability to withstand power surges.

The video sensor reaches a full HD 1080 resolution at 30 fps; the wide-angle lens fit all the requirements through the functional optical zoom without any loss of quality.

The installation is a "no-brainer", simply connect the ethernet cable to the power supply POE, then to the router, to immediately view the live images captured by the cam; if you need to change the network configuration, a user-friendly interface, you can also access from smartphones, will enable the configuration update with ease.

One particular quality that we really care about is the "energy-saving" and Horizon HD with only 2 Watts of consumption, it won First Place in its category!


One of the most important innovations, of which we are proud of, is the introduction of the software in SaaS mode (Software as a Service), that is, whenever Horizon HD is connected to the Internet, our server sends the necessary software with the latest technological developments, avoiding the complex firmware updates required for common cams.
In addition to that, thanks to an oversized hardware, Horizon HD will be automatically updated with very technological innovation, new algorithms and software improvements that will be implemented in the future, without the need to physically replace the cam with a more current model.

Horizon HD also presents a great advantage, it is able to warn in case of an electric power outage or loss of internet, via email and SMS. So you don't need to worry about monitoring your innovative system of promotion!

SkylineWebcams Cloud

The first question our clients ask: "what type of internet connection is required to operate the cam?"

Horizon HD is able to transmit live video, with an acceptable quality, starting with only 64 Kbps upload, achieving another record in the live streaming sector!

Any ADSL connection is certainly suitable to power the cam without compromising the use of the internet; it can also work via 3G and 4G.

The transmission of live images is entrusted to our Cloud network, which is capable of serving each user from the server geographically closest to him, thus guaranteeing the highest quality in every country around the world.

The Cloud technology is constantly updated in order to allow views of live video from your PC, smartphone and last generation tablet, in addition, to guarantee sharp and smooth images, the transcoding system adapts the video quality to the connection speed of each user.

Live Webcams Applications A world of opportunities!

The wonders of the world at your fingertips, 24-hours a day in Live Streaming!

Tour operators and public administrations will find in SkylineWebcams the ideal way to promote the tour territory, their activities and reach their targets quickly and effectively.

You have the possibility to embed dynamic live images directly into their websites and social networks, furthermore, a live cam has an incredibly positive impact on hesitant tourists since it provides them with real breathtaking images and instills a wonderful feeling of actually there.

Do you usually plan your own unforgettable holidays? No idea of your next summer trip? Are you searching for a relaxing winter destination for your Christmas holidays? Our live cams will help you choose the perfect holiday destination for you; no more indecision, what you see is the real place you’ll find at your arrival.

SkylineWebcams is communication, the live images "tell" about traditions, history, cultural heritage, important aspects aimed to promote the tourism around the world!

The SkylineWebcams technology is a perfect supporting tool for traffic and road condition.

A cam strategically placed shows how traffic flows among specific junctions, provides updated information regarding highway conditions, possible congestion of arterial routes, public transportation and an early detection of accidents.

Citizens will have the opportunity to choose through their own smartphones the best road to avoid congestion, to save time as well as reducing CO2 emissions.

SkylineWebcams is first in line to convey great emotions!

Live sport cams offer relaxation, quietness, participation and enthusiasm, as an active spectator you'll have the unique opportunity to really feel the same adrenaline as those sportsmen while enjoying wonderful slopes or expert kayaking and divers while improving their skills.

SkylineWebcams technology embraces all sports disciplines, thanks to high quality images every little detail will be so extraordinarily sharp that tournament organizers and sport competition players will find SkylineWebcams the ideal supporting tool to broadcast and promote their performances, guests of the sport facilities will be able to monitor updated weather conditions including snow conditions, weather warnings or current sea level before embarking on their adventures.

How much fun would it be for you to be able to attend the most famous discos, pubs, fashion clubs, SPA, casinos, bowling centers, golf clubs of the world?

It would be extremely exciting to visit them during your holidays or to dream to be there. Thanks to our cams, ,you can be. Imagine the wonderful atmosphere! Imagine also, how exciting it would be to "take part in" even if you are unable to get out, share emotions or have a drink with your virtual friends special occasions, evenings or during those so boring winter nights.

Both customers and managers will benefit from SkylineWebcams technology, your business activity can reach a very high levels of visibility, any event you choose to broadcast can take place on a global stage.

In case of great danger, timing is the key to saving lives.

SkylineWebcams is a precise and reliable tool for environmental monitoring and surveillance. Its live images are so clear and immediately guarantee an excellent supporting tool for Civil Defence, voluntary associations, rescue teams, firefighters, forest guards to monitor any situation or emergency that could arise, at anytime, under control.

Thanks to SkylineWebcams it is possible to monitor abrupt as well as violent climate changes at their first signs of danger, when it is easier to activate the most appropriate action plans; it is also very important to check the entire area and the situation in general, in order to prepare emergency plans in advance, trying to limit damages and to get back to normal once the worst of the dangerous situation has passed.

Even when we are notified of emergencies, it is equally essential to monitor critical areas that, with the passing of time, could lead to serious dangerous changes.

SkylineWebcams technology is able to promptly respond to any emergency.

SkylineWebcams is able to provide chalets and suburban areas with satellite connectivity and carry out radio links for data transmission.

A construction project requires considerable time and expenses. Thanks to the SkylineWebcams technology engineers and architects can give their customers and investors the possibility to monitor the progress of their projects at any time, from anywhere in the world, without having to travel! SkylineWebcams enables you to save time, money and energy while at the same time verify the quality, safe equipment operation on the construction site, continuity and ability to meet deadlines and schedules, thus providing a better reputation, state-of-the-art technology and reducing costs in the long run.

For customers there will be nothing more exciting than watching a huge project coming to life, day by day, brick by brick.

Whether the construction takes a few months or a longer period of time, with HD time-lapse features, you will be able to introduce your company in a more innovative way. The immediate update of your project and a fast access to the latest information anytime and anywhere in the world will make the difference!

Live streaming is possible through an ordinary ADSL line or a 3G network; our cams boast the lowest power consumption in their category, so they can even be powered by a small solar panel.

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