Mykonos - Cyclades live camMykonos, view over the Windmills from the Nice 'n Easy restaurant

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    • 6 days ago
    • Malcolm Patterson

    At this time of day everyone is looking at, and photographing, the sunset.

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    • 2 weeks ago
    • maggie

    Everyone visits here to see the windmills...they`re not looking at anything in particular off camera as its just a regular waterfront, nice tho..maggie

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    • 2 weeks ago
    • jenni money

    I agree. This is a fab web cam. Would be so much better with sound and maybe another camera so we can see what everyone is looking at. Also, what happened to the other web cam in Mykonos that was on the waterfront.

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    • 3 weeks ago
    • Lynne Scobbie

    hello nice and easy restaurant, thanks for great webcam but can you please adjust your cam so we can see a little bit of the sea :)

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    • 4 weeks ago
    • pete

    love this new cam

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    • 1 month ago
    • Neil

    very nice.