Santander - Playa del Sardinero live camSantander, view over the Playa del Sardinero

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    • 5 months ago
    • Capture Sam

    30dec17-- A Thank You to our host, Balneario de la Concha El Restaurante & Turismo de Santander - Santander is one of the most elegant and beautiful cities on the north coast of Spain, for sponsoring this 'live cam' view over the Playa del Sardin, Santander, beautiful.

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    • 8 months ago
    • Anne

    This look like a beautiful beach another great part of Spain

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    • 12 months ago
    • amir


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    • 1 year ago
    • Tim

    Is this beach good for familys

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    • 1 year ago
    • Audrey Mason

    Hi kipper, I did manage sound very briefly on one occasion then the next day - nothing. Was I dreaming one wonders as I still can't hear anything.

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    • 1 year ago
    • kipper

    Well here I am on this webcam, and I have no sound or sound bar, so I don't know how people can hear the waves, its a mystery to me..

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    • 2 years ago
    • Paulo Antunes

    Saudades da Maravilhosa e Bela Santander.