Dublin - O'Connell Street Live cam

Dublin, view of O'Connell Street

Our Dublin live camera overlooks O'Connell Street.

Overflowing with charm, Dublin is Ireland’s most visited city. Dublin’s eternally young soul and beautiful culture, a perfect mix of Gaelic traditions and modern vitality, attracts millions of tourists from all over the world.

Located in central Dublin, O'Connell Street is the city's main road, home to countless monuments and sculptures, including the amazing Spire (Monument of Light). The latter is positioned where Nelson's Pillar once stood, destroyed by the IRA; as one of the world's tallest sculptures, the Spire measures 120m (ca. 394 ft). O'Connell Street, Henry Street and Parnell Street are Dublin's main shopping arteries while Grafton Street is full of ingenious street artists.

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