Puerta del Sol - Tío Pepe Live cam

Spectacular view of the most famous tourist area of Madrid


Our webcam in Madrid presents live images of Puerta del Sol, Spain's most famous square.

Located in Madrid's very heart, Puerta del Sol inherits its name from one of the gates (puerta) that surrounded the city; the latter remained standing until 1510 and displayed an icon of the sun (sol) on its facade.

Some of the oldest and busiest streets in the city (Mayor, Arenal, Alcalá or Preciados), as well as many iconic monuments and buildings, are located here (the famous Casa de Correos clock and the Comunidad de Madrid headquarters). Every 31st of December, Puerta del Sol hosts New Year's Eve celebrations, twelve chimes at midnight ring in the New Year as vast crowds gather to eat twelve grapes as per tradition.

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