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Panoramic view of the Central Square in Larissa

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The historic Central Square of Larissa (Mayor Sapkas Square - Lárisa) for many years was considered the real heart of the city. It is still today an important landmark well connected with the surrounding urban fabric, the ideal place where the most important functions, from business or leisure activities to cultural or social events take place here all year round.
The fountain, an interesting work of Nella Golanda, is the main feature of the square, it is considered as a 'continuation' of the 'Sculptural River' placed in Tachidromiou Square, symbolizing the plain way of the river's flow, it tries to combine the picture and sound of rushing waters. 
The square gives also hospitality to the Courthouse of Larissa, prestigious work of Patroklos Karantinos, Professor in the Faculty of Architecture and one of the greatest Greek architects of the postwar period. On the other side of the square, precisely in Kypros Street, we all can admire the imposing building of the Military Club of Officers.
By day we can meet more frequently old people, the younger generations prefer the cafes of the nearby Tachidromiou Square.

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