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Most na Soči

Most na Soči is a pictoresque town in the Municipality of Tolmin (only 445 inhabitants) located on a rocky crest above the confluence of Soča and Idrijca (Idrija) rivers; in the past their beds, cut deeply into the rocky slopes, were the ideal protection against intruders; the overflowing of their beds formed a spectacular expanse of water, the wonderful lake, its natural beauty attracts today geologists, fishermen and tourists enjoying a stroll along its panoramic paths.
Exceptional archaelogical finds (more than 7,000 necropolis discovered so far) rank this location among the most important places in the world as regards the pre-historic settlements! Throughout the history, the everyday life in the village of Most na Soči was tightly associated with archaeology. The richest finds, dating back to the Bronze Age and the Roman Period, include among other things the remains of a Roman house and the most ancient church of the town, the Church of Saint Maver (sv Maver, 1192); after the decline of the Roman Empire and the short Ostrogoths rule, Lombards, Slavs (16th century), Franks, the Duchy of Carinthia and the austrian Kingdom of Illyria settle in this territory; after the First World War (an impressive monument honours its dead), the town belonged to the Kingdom of Italy in the Friuli Province as autonomous municipality with the name of Sveta Lucja na Mostu including many settlements; once the Province of Gorizia has been reconstituted in 1927, some settlements were absorbed by Tolmin except Ponikve and Šentviška Gora. It was named Sveta Lucija ob Soči until 1952, then Most na Soči, its name literally means "Soča Bridge", the ideal name that well describes its geographical position between the Soča and Idrijca rivers. Most of its finds belong to the Iron Age, the significant remains of human existence in this prehistoric time, are respectfully called St. Lucia’s culture (Sveta Lucija Culture) throughout the world and known as one of the largest settlements in the Iron Age, it is said that the name derives from this culture; the parish church here located and partially destroyed during the First World War has been built in the honour of Saint Lucia (sv. Lucjia).
Today Most na Soči offers many attractions and opportunities for recreational activities, it will be a true pleasure to take a relaxing guided boat trip on the lake, especially by night, to admire the natural beauties by the local train, moreover it will be a worthwhile experience to stop off at the museums and appreciate its wonderful finds; the boldest and most curious tourists will find much excitement in exploring the Dante's Cave (Zadlaška Jama) in the nearby Zatolmin and the Devil's Bridge (Hudičev Most), really an unforgettable experience!       
Lovers of archaeology, will appreciate the additional finds and interesting information enriching today the museums of Vienna, Trieste and Tolmin.

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