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Bevk Square

Bevk Square is the central square in Nova Gorica, the small town at the border with Italy that has been the heart of the sunny Gorizia Region (Goriška) for almost six decades. It has grown after the World War II as a substitute town for Gorizia, which remained on the other side of the border. Its climate is mild, green and blooming all year round, young, lively and friendly to the local people and visitors coming from all over the world. Nova Gorica and Gorizia are the only example in Europe of two border cities living together in perfect harmony.
Nova Gorica, the city of roses is also a very attractive town, during the whole year several events, such as concerts,  festivals, performances, fairs, exhibitions and other cultural, culinary and ethnological events, take place here. Furthermore Nova Gorica is a nice gaming town where two entertainment centers and several casinos attract local people and tourists with their most modern gaming equipment. The pleasant atmosphere is complemented by an excellent cuisine, accommodation and wellness services. Nova Gorica has been initially designed to reflect the idea of a park. Even today, in fact, the city provides incomparable access to parks or other green spaces, especially nice for the people who like to be completely surrounded by nature or come across rare species and exotic pets; Bevk Square is the ideal place to take a break, it is also the undisputed reference point of the city for business meetings and interesting tourist itineraries due to the fact that it is surrounded by several activities and administrative buildings.
The northeast side protects Nova Gorica from the cold winds thanks to the Trnovo and Banjšice plateau (Trnovsko Banjška planota), a marvellous world with a completely different climate, full of folk traditions and natural attractions. Lovers of quietness will be pleasantly impressed by the widespread Trnovo territory which invites everyone going on hike or riding a bicycle. People interested in flora will enjoy visiting the Herbal Center in Grgarske Ravne where they will become familiar with the production, processing and use of medicinal herbs. To the east, towards Ajdovščina, we can find the Vipava Valley (Vipavska dolina), the ideal space for glider pilots and groups of paratroopers thanks to a special and rare lay of the land and a very favourable climate. Here we can taste great wines, such as zelen, pinela and klarnica, well-combined with tasty Vipava dishes, in cellars and tourist farms or during folk events which bring back into life the traditions of the past.

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