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Piazzatorre Ski Area Live Webcam

Great view on the ski slopes Gremei and Torcola Vaga from Gremei Refuge, 1550m.

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  • Webcam Sports complex in Piazzatorre
    Sports complex in Piazzatorre
    Distance: 1 Kms
  • Webcam Piazzatorre - High Brembana Valley (900m.)
    Piazzatorre - High Brembana Valley (900m.)
    Distance: 2 Kms
  • Webcam Bianzone - Valtelline
    Bianzone - Valtelline
    Distance: 36 Kms
  • Webcam Red Train, Bernina Express
    Red Train, Bernina Express
    Distance: 43 Kms
  • Webcam Stelvio National Park
    Stelvio National Park
    Distance: 68 Kms
  • Webcam Livigno
    Distance: 69 Kms
  • Webcam Skyline of Rho-Pero
    Skyline of Rho-Pero
    Distance: 69 Kms
  • Webcam Bormio
    Distance: 73 Kms
  • Webcam Summer ski area in Stelvio pass
    Summer ski area in Stelvio pass
    Distance: 82 Kms


Mr. M
2 months ago
Surely, nobody will try to ski now :) It's the 14th June and all I see is a beautiful green carpet.. What a beauty!! Thanks Skyline
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