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Mali Lošinj Live Webcam

Stunning panoramic view of the Marina and the city

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Mali Lošinj

The stunning Lošinj Island at the very west of Kvarner Gulf (Kvarnerski Zaljev) is a real paradise of extraordinary natural beauty rich in white and deeply indented coasts, flourishing greenery (more than 1200 different species), crystal water housing a wonderful dolphin reserve, pebbly beaches, splendid lagoons, perfect weather conditions and charming locations; the Lošinj Island, also nicknamed "green into blue", is 30 kms long with a surface of 80 km² and undoubtedly a high quality holiday destination, a great vacation spot especially for water sports enthusiasts; once connected with the Island of Cres, today accessible by a bridge 11 meters long, the island is now well connected to land, moreover its airport helps increase tourist traffic. The Lošinj Island is a land rich in culture, architectural treasures such as small eremiting churches which are worth visiting, popular traditions, delicious specialities that make its tourist offer one of the most attractive spots of the Adriatic area.

Mali Lošinj, the chief town and main city of the island, is located in the Augusti Bay, a real charming green paradise, its rich history, cultural heritage and tourist attractions are so important that it is a must stop destination for anyone wanting to fun with friends or relax and recharge their mind and body naturally.

Numerous historical sites testify about its turbulent past. Its origins date back to the 12th century when the city was mentioned for the first time thanks to twelve Croatian families who found refuge in the eastern coast; Mali Lošinj began its development first as defensive stronghold due to the danger of pirates' attacks and then as a fishing village (Malo Selo), after having experienced a rapid development in a short time, in 1806 became chief town of the island by snatching the role from the city of Veli Lošinj and today it is a real maritime city with an important shipyard beside the Marina; Mali Lošinj was highly appreciated at the beginning of the 20th century due to an increasing general awareness of the benefits of its pleasant climate. For many centuries the city was part of the Republic of Venice and under the Austrian rule that strongly influenced its lifestyle, in 1947 it was incorporated into Yugoslavia that unfortunately compromised its economic development; only in recent years there has been an increase in economic power due to a correct improvement of the tourist offer that made it the biggest city of the Mediterranean islands (about 7000 inhabitants) and the most important tourist and economic area of the whole island. Mali Lošinj offers the best holiday resorts, among its stunning beaches we can appreciate the Cikat Beach placed in a beautiful surrounding of rich greenery, the Valdarke Beach and the Sunny Cove (Sunčana Uvala) but also breathtaking pinewoods, high quality accommodation facilities and an incomparable architectural and art treasure, so be sure to visit: numerous ancient houses dating back to the Austrian period, the Church of St. Nicholas of 1857 (patron saint of sailors and travellers), the antique bronze statue of the greek athlete Apoksiomen taken from the sea bed, the St. Anthony's Church, the Church Mala Gospa (1696-1775), the small Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (1534), the Church of St. Martin (1450) located in the graveyard, art collection of foreign artists (XVII-XVIII century) and many other treasures belonging to a world of wonders just waiting to be discovered...

Webcam on-line from: 06/06/2012


Manfred 6964
2 years ago
Warum fällt die Kamera von Mali immer wieder aus ?
2 years ago
Tihomir Kleva
2 years ago
Sve je ok ali vam kamera na Losinju precesto ne radi,nadamo se da ce biti bolje !!!!
2 years ago
5000 hits! :-)