Hellenic Parliament - Athens 现场视讯

View of the Hellenic Parliament in Syntagma Square from the Grand Bretagne Hotel

Hellenic Parliament - Athens

The Greek Parliament is based in the famous building in Syntagma Square. The building was constructed when the capital was transfered from Nafplion to Athens during the Modern Greek State, in order to be used as a residence for the King Otto. The imposing building of the Greek Parliament has a long history which is directly connected with the history of the Modern Greek state.

With a unique view of the Greek Parliament, the Monument of the Unknown Soldier, Lycabettus Hill, the Panathenaic Stadium, the Royal Gardens and the Zappeion Hall, the famous Hotel Grande Bretagne, offers from its privileged location an excellent view of the center of the city and also of the political and historical symbols of the country.

Right in the heart of Athens from 1874, the hotel is a landmark, within walking distance of shopping areas, museums and the business center.

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