Live Events Share your emotions!


Any event, from a private celebration to worldwide events, can increase its audience through live streaming video.

Sporting events, concerts, festivals, meetings, interviews, conferences, workshops, seminars, are just a few examples of events which, either through a webcam or with professional production, can be transmitted live to any browser or mobile device.

To spread the news of the event and to attract spectators is fast and easy thanks to social networking with a consequently significant saving of resources.

Has your event ended? Why not offer it again to all the people who missed it?
Our streaming technology offers a tremendous advantage, making it possible to retransmit countless times after the event has ended (video on demand).

You can also measure your audiences´ statistics and the performance of your live event in real time!

SkylineWebcams platform

SkylineWebcams is the ideal platform for live broadcasting, recording and archiving of events.

Some of the main advantages:

  • Full HD quality
  • View a live video while moving
  • Social interaction and event promotion on the web
  • Ability to apply pay per view or subscription form
  • Monitoring and analysis
  • Availability of video on demand after the event
  • Monetize your events through AD server
  • Geographical server distribution (CDN)
  • Geo-blocking (ability to block the viewing on a certain country/area)

Add live streaming to your offer of event venues or video direction services.

Professional Services Make your event unforgettable!

Need a service of excellence?

Collaborating with our regional partners you can take advantage of our affordable services:

  • Drone Aerial shots
  • Mobile Video Direction
  • Professional Full HD Encoder
  • Audit and Analysis Reporting
  • Web design and development of interactive video players
  • Support during events

Contact us to find out how we can work together, with no commitment. Discover the best solution for your live broadcasting needs.