Advertising and Promotion Define your success!

Why SkylineWebcams?

Banner ads running throughout SkylineWebcams have a high impact on user's experience since they are located in the most important area of the website, where users feel more emotionally involved: Live Cams images.

Geo-targeting features allow your ads to appear to specific people, you'll get a double advantage of sending a targeted message for a lower price.

Thanks to detailed stats you'll be able to check your ads campaign and redefine them any time you want. Our website doesn't allow the use of AdBlock, so the impressions included in your stats will be absolutely true!

Define your success and achieve it!

The first step for a successful ads campaign is to define a target audience, your potential customers.

SkylineWebcams allows you to define:

  • Area and visitor's language
  • Specific days and hours
  • Budget
  • Payment method: Pay per click and Pay per impression

You'll only pay if you reach your goals

If your goal is not only to increase your brand awareness but to sell your product or service, you can choose the option pay per click that will allow you to pay only when the user clicks on your banner and reaches your website.

Measure the performance

Thanks to detailed stats in real time and to reports delivered via email with your chosen method, you'll be able to measure the success of your ads campaign and redefine strategies to reach a wider audience at a lower price any time you want.