Etna North Live cam

View of the summit craters, northern side of Mount Etna


Embark on a digital expedition to Sicily's fiery heartland through our Etna live cam. Behold the ever-changing canvas of Mount Etna's northern slope, where nature paints with molten hues and volcanic theatrics. From the crackling glow of lava flows to the majestic billows of ash, every frame captures the pulse of this legendary volcano. Etna stands at approximately 3,329 meters (10,922 feet) tall, making it the tallest volcano in Europe. Its eruptions often produce lava flows, ash clouds, and volcanic bombs, posing both hazards and opportunities for the surrounding communities. Despite the risks, Etna's volcanic soil makes the surrounding region fertile for agriculture, including vineyards that produce renowned wines and it is also a UNESCO World Heritage site!

Enjoy our Etna live cam Nord and then join us as we unlock the door to a realm where Earth meets fire, and adventure awaits at every click through our other live webcams of eruptions from the world's most active volcanoes!