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Known for its scrumptious and veracious gastronomy, narrow streets, artsy vibes and easygoing atmosphere, Trastevere is one of Rome’s most beloved districts or “rione” (as the Italians say). The name Trastevere comes from the Latin “trans Tiberium” literally signifying “beyond the Tiber” as the neighborhood rises on the river’s western bank.

With the sole intention of subtracting the region from Etruscan rule, the Romans conquered the land during the regal era, leaving it completely unkempt afterwards. As commercial activity on the Tiber intensified, Trastevere became home to Rome’s lower class citizens, humble workers, artisans, merchants and fishermen; a considerable wave of immigrants from the East also settled here, mostly Jews and Syrians.

Our live webcam points towards San Cosimato Square that takes its name from the Monastery of Saints Cosmas and Damian completed and consecrated by Pope Alexander II in the year 1069. Surprisingly, what is believed to be one of Rome’s oldest churches, Santa Maria in Trastevere, can be found in the same district; according to the inscription found on the Episcopal throne it is the first basilica ever to be dedicated to the Madonna. The church was built by Pope Callixtus I between 221-227 in an area first occupied by the Taberna Meritoria, a refuge for retired soldiers. The church underwent numerous transformations over the centuries and the current-day renovation was commissioned by Pope Innocent II dating back to 1138-1148; intricate mosaics adorn both its external façade and interior.

Another interesting site is Piazza Trilussa, the square inherits its name from the Roman poet Trilussa, pseudonym of Carlo Alberto Salustri who’s memorial statue and most beloved poem appears on the side of an impressive fountain commissioned to Architects Van Santen and Giovanni Fontana.

A delicious aroma of Roman specialties fills Trastevere’s colorful alleys while its many taverns, pubs and restaurants make for the perfect evening hangout!

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Fun Facts:

According to the legend, in 38 a.C. black oil poured from the floors of the Taberna Meritoria reaching the Tiber; the exact spot of the occurrence is marked with the inscription “Fons Olei”. The incident was considered of high spiritual and religious importance and was believed to announce the arrival of Christ.

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