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Sparta was a city-state in ancient Greece, which was built on the river Eurotas in Lakonia, in the south eastern part of the Peloponnese. Has remained known in world history for the military strength, discipline, heroism and the large number of slaves. Sparta is also known in Greek mythology, particularly for the myth of Helen of Troy. The military power of Sparta was due to the system of education imposed by the laws of Lycurgus, which was unique in ancient Greece. During Classical Antiquity, Sparta was one of the two most powerful city-states in ancient Greece, along with Athens.

Neoclassical buildings, squares, walkways and green areas adorn the city, established by King Otto in 1834.

The glorious past and the immediate vicinity of the legendary Mystras attract the attention of many tourists visiting on cruise s in Gythio. It is the financial and commercial center of the prefecture.

It has remarkable archaeological museum and an olive museum. The new city was built under the project architect Fr. Stauffert. Although his plan was not followed correctly, Sparta is one of the best city planned cities of Greece. The mistake was that the new city was built on the ancient. Sparta reserves "something of the glory of the past," as it is surrounded by important archaeological sites. The climate is Mediterranean.

The is an informative portal of the southern Peloponnese based in the historical town of Sparta. It has 3,000 daily visitors and thousands of friends on facebook. It publishes original material based on the Peloponnesian news with emphasis on culture, tourism, society and the Authorities. It also owns a radio station called "South" broadcasting on 94.9 and on the Internet. Director of is the journalist Elias Bonos.

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