SkylineWebcams Cloud The latest technology in Live Streaming

Cloud Streaming Platform for everyone

Are you a journalist or an event promoter, an online university? Do you have a local TV station, a band or want to broadcast a conference? Why not use Live streaming and increase your audience?

High service costs?

Lack of infrastructure?

No computer skills?

Not to worry! SkylineWebcams provides you with the latest generation of Cloud Streaming infrastructure at the most competitive price on the market!

With a few clicks you'll have the opportunity to manage the streaming service through your smartphone or PC; no skills required.

How can I broadcast live?

You can do this in real time via our free mobile application compatible with iOS and Android or, if you have specific requirements, use a professional encoder.

Your static cam Live! Make your cam Go Live

How does it work?

Do you have a static cam (the photo is updated at specified time intervals) and would you like to make it Live?

Take advantage of the Cloud SkylineWebcams offer and a streaming server will be available to you and your users will be excited with live images!

Your advantages don't end here!


  • A live transmission is more appreciated than a static picture, moreover it attracts a larger audience
  • You can insert the cam in your Facebook page
  • You can transmit live on Smartphones and Tablets
  • No more jpeg requests from your connection
  • Manage your service without complicated technical procedures
  • Locate your server wherever you want
  • Protect your net, your IP address stays private
  • Flat rate at more competitive prices, no more surprises!

The service is currently available for the most popular brands (Axis and Mobotix), but it will be expanded to many other brands soon.

Please contact us to try immediately, with no commitment, the streaming service for your cam!

Your Web TV live on 24 hours/day Visible worldwide!

How does it work?

Through the Web TV you can create your streaming channel with no time limitations and a real worldwide TV channel on the web.

You can integrate Live contents through our mobile app, a video capture card or our professional Full HD encoder, pre-recorded broadcast or broadcast again pre-loaded videos on your show-schedule.


  • Reach your users all over the world
  • Insert your Web TV in your Facebook page
  • Live broadcasting on Smartphones and Tablets
  • Manage your show schedule without complicated technical procedures
  • Locate your server wherever you want
  • Flat rate at more competitive prices, no more surprises!

Please contact us to try immediately, with no commitment, your Web TV!

The answer to the communication needs of Public Administration


There are many Public Administrations that are preparing for live transmitting the sessions of their Councils.

Residents are very enthusiastic about this kind of initiatives in response to demands for transparency and communication and to the inconvenience caused by overcrowding in council chambers.

It is a a huge step forward in the direction of a greater involvement of citizens of all ages in their local area whos daily use of the internet and other communication means, these are increasingly becoming more and more widespread and popular even among older groups.


SkylineWebcams offers council sessions, which includes both the use of fixed cams at very affordable prices and a digital direction capable of replacing the operators, this will reduce the cost of human resources while achieving a fully professional service.

At the end of the council sessions, the video recordings will be available on-demand, stored on the Administration's website.

Our solutions are entirely customizable from € 100/month!

Contact us to request a quote.