Hafen von Fiskardo - Kefalonia live webcamSchöne Aussicht auf den Hafen von Fiskardo

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    • 2 Jahre vor
    • Achim

    Fiskardo once more: the view is only a little better, not so many things happen there, only in
    high season. Please shift the view more to the right/south to show the quay and parts of the harbour.
    There the most interesting things happen during the whole year.

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    • 3 Jahre vor
    • Achim

    Fiskardo Greece: This is the most boring view onto the harbour of Fiskardo,
    only the ferry Captain Aristides comes to this sport some times a day.
    I`m a sailor and have been there many times.
    The view till this morning has been more to the south, showing the harbour and part of the
    village and you could often see the sail- and motorboats come in and anchor - very nice.
    There were lots of umbrellas in the front little disturbing but still it was much better then
    this view. PEASE change to the view before !!