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Lively slovenian municipality made up of 72 small settlements (naselja), Tolmin is situated in the Soča River Valley, surrounded by the wonderful Julian Alps and located at 201 meters above sea level. Its natural beauties and the uniqueness of its culture attract everyday thousands of curious visitors and art, culture, and history enthusiasts.

Tolmin is steeped in a rich archaeological heritage, among the most important findings several necropolis and an abundance of unique finds dating back to million years ago and stored today in italian, austrian and slovenian museums are the physical traces of a past rich in vicissitudes; Tolmin was inhabitated by the Illyrians, Romans and acquired by the Republic of Venice and the Habsburgs. A long and bloody series of uprisings culminated in the Tolmin peasant revolt of the 18th century; after the First World War the city was annexed to the Kingdom of Italy, was part of the Province of Gorizia and then in 1947 officially annexed to Yugoslavia; despite its turbulent past Tolmin has always occupied a valuable strategic position for trade among Italy, Austria and Slovenia.

The city has so much to offer history and adventure-loving travelers such as the Tolmin Museum (Tolminski Muzej), located in the Coronini Mansion where an universe tells the history of the city through wonderful and rare objects, important churches scattered everywhere or stunning paths in Zatolmin, the Tolminka and Zadlaščica gorges, wonderful waterfalls, breathtaking canyons and, not far from here, the suggestive protected area well known as Triglav National Park (Tríglavski Národni Párk), an unique, unforgettable and symbiotic experience with nature; once arrived here, the narrowest and suggestive part of the Zadlaščica gorge is a "must-see" destination where we can admire a triangular wedged rock called Bear's Head (Medvedova Glava) due to its characteristic shape; our tour should also include a visit to the spring of thermal water in a shallow cave under the popular Devil's Bridge (Hudičev most) or to the suggestive Cave of Zadlaška, also known as Dante's Cave (Zadlaška jama), named after the Italian poet Dante Alighieri, who, it is said, has visited this place whose beauty has inspired him while writing the Hell of his Divine Comedy rich in particular landscape-related details.

Tolmin has a so fascinating old town that it is always a great pleasure to visit it, every street, square and architectural detail are pleasing to the eye for the most ancient architectural features and the most important popular traditions are extraordinarily still well preserved.

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