Nova Gorica from EDA Center live camBeautiful panorama of Nova Gorica with a view over Perla Casino and Bevk Square


Nova Gorica from EDA Center

Nova Gorica is located in the western part of the Slovenian territory, on the border between Italy and Slovenia, it is the exact counterpart of Gorizia on the other side, two border cities living together in perfect harmony with no problems of any kind; founded only in 1948, when it broke away from the City of Gorizia and became the heart of the Goriška Region, Nova Gorica is considered a young city. Thanks to relentless economic and cultural exchange activities between the two neighboring countries and to the fact that Slovenia entered into the Schengen Area on 21 December 2007, this detachment was never completely final. Enchanting rivers and wonderful mountains cross the territory, the climate is mild and green spaces are well distributed all over the city.       
Nova Gorica attracts many tourists every year, moreover several cultural events take place here all year round, there are countless accommodation facilities and cafés satisfying the most different tastes and the most demanding tourists; people will be happy to spend their holidays here all year round, the winter season is ideal for skiers thanks to many ski resorts on the Julian Alps, under the most favourable conditions of spring it will be possible to go rafting or kayaking along the rivers while the territory offers inviting places for hiking and biking in spring and autumn.
In the heart of the city stands the most important Trade Center of the region, The EDA Center, a dream place where prestige and beauty, business or freetime merge together in the elegant design of this impressive tower with 72 meters long (4 below + 15 above ground floors); this imposing "Vertical city", in memory of the flight pioneers Brothers Rusjan and their first plane, the EDA, is a real downtown where everything is possible, we can live, work, study, play, go shopping, socialize...the highest floors offer obviously a breathtaking view of the city...Nova Gorica is also famous worldwide for its several casinos, the main attractions as regards the entertainment; the continuous comings and goings of tourists from all over the world and the wonderful play of light and color earned it the nickname of "Las Vegas of Slovenia"; one of the most famous casinos in all of the city is undoubtedly the Perla Casino, the largest gaming and entertainment center of Europe, the first one that introduced the american style of play; located within the large and well-known Hit Perla Hotel and open 24 hours a day, all year round, it offers more than 1000 slot machines, 80 gaming tables, countless games, events of all kinds (many italian artists have performed here) including, of course, world-renowned series of tournaments; over the years the building has expanded more and more, only about 20 years ago people celebrated here the opening of the first gaming show while a new other poker room has been recently opened to its visitors. Everything is constantly surrounded by discos, bars, shops, SPAs, and so on...       
For people who prefer to take the time to relax, the Bevkov trg Square is the ideal place to take a break, it is also the undisputed reference point of the city for business meetings and interesting tourist itineraries due to the fact that the square is surrounded by several activities and important administrative buildings.

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