Skyline of Rho-Pero live camView of the site of the Expo Milano 2015


Skyline of Rho-Pero

Rho and Pero, two municipalities in the province of Milan, are among the most industrial and densely populated areas of Lombardy, this is one of the reasons why the new megacomplex of FieraMilano (Milan Fair), trade fair and exhibition organiser, is here located, its interiors are the site of the universal exposition Expo 2015 (under the theme "Feeding the planet, energy for life").

Let's learn more about these two cities being at the centre of the whole world...

Rho is a very ancient town, as confirmed by a quantity of remains dating back to the Roman age found over the centuries, formed as small settlement, it enjoyed a period of remarkable importance during the Lombard period when was commonly known as "curtis" (court); after 1000 AD Rho emerged as commune; the abundance of water and fertile lands allowed to enjoy a period of prosperity, new sumptuous palaces were built and numerous embellishments added until the Landsknecht arrival and the Spanish rule in the 16th century together with the terrible plague led to years of decadence; after a period of difficulties, Rho got eventually the title of città in 1932.

Rho borders the municipality of Pero, in the past only a large area consisting of fields and small farms mainly in the hands of lords, a series of devastating floods of the River Olona affected its security and stability and turned it into a desolated place with ruins and debris for years. However the strategic position near Milan contributed to its economic development and growth so that Pero soon became an important industrial area.

The choice to use a large part of these two municipalities for such an ambitious project has been made taking into consideration the fact that it is included into the program of redevelopment and requalification of this former industrial part of Milan financed by the Region of Lombardy; in 2003 the first works involved the metropolitan area, only one year later the road system (the complex is located north-west of Milan, near the main road Highway A4 Milan - Venice and adjacent to Rho-Pero Railway Station on the Milan-Turin line, moreover it is well connected to the hinterland through the metro, line 1, and the railway station); in 2005 the megacomplex, designed by architect Massimiliano Fuksas and carried out by a team consisting of about 1650 workers, was opened, an impressive structure with a total of wide pavilions, a surface of 345.000 m² (indoor) and 60.000 m² (outdoor), a long corridor, advanced technological equipment, a quantity of relaxing areas and the wonderful glass and steel sail (1300 m. long and more than 3 m. wide) make it an extraordinary work of architecture entirely Made in Italy and one of the largest centers in the world; together with the construction of the complex, the tourist offer has been improved and enriched with high quality facilities and services that welcome exhibitors and buyers from all over the world here for Expo 2015, a great event that see involved the Italian Government, the Region of Lombardy, the Province of Milan, the Municipality of Milan and the Chamber of Commerce of Milan.

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