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Camp Šimuni Live Webcam

Spectacular view of the beach around the Camp Šimuni

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Camp Šimuni

Located in the heart of the wonderful Pag Island, one of the biggest and most beautiful croatian islands, in the longest beach in the Adriatic, the Camp Šimuni offers 4 kms of an unique nature full of bays, coves, capes that make it one of the most suggestive holiday destinations in the world.

The near fishermen’s village of Šimuni (only 1 km.), very rich in popular traditions, is worth a visit for people who like to entirely know the place. For visitors who love relax and entertainment far away from daily stress and worries the Šimuni offer includes: an attractive beach covered with the tiniest gravel, clear and crystal water, spectacular oleanders, a rich entertainment program during the whole day, parties, sporting competitions, culinary contests and beauty pageants, highly skilled staff with years of experience, mini-clubs, creative workshops, multi-level tournaments and even 500 meters of pure sea sand entirely for the youngest ones, a section of the beach reserved for our pets, shops everywhere...All that we wish, a mild Mediterranean climate and much more will turn our moments into unforgettable dream holidays!

The entire beach is fenced and secured against water scooters, windsurfers and boats (special areas are designed for these activities). True nature enthusiasts can find accommodation in intact underbrushes, but the camp also offers air conditioned mobile homes (about 200) right next to the beach that will meet even the most demanding needs; the most independent guests will have the possibility to choose their own spot in the shade of oleander and to enjoy the benefits of nature, numerous parcels are situated in evergreen oak and pine woods, on a cascading terrain mildly descending toward the camp beach.

And the cuisine lovers? Here they will find a wide choice of quality food, drinks and beverage, the Restaurant Mali Raj (Little Paradise) is located in the heart of the camp, prestigious chefs coming from all over the world will offer traditional croatian dishes next to delicious mexican, thai, italian, spanish, indian and chinese specialities. Enjoy unforgettable moments of pleasure while admiring the natural wonders of the Pag Archipelago!

Webcam on-line from: 05/21/2012


Posa Zoltan
2 years ago
Nadam se da necete iskljuciti ovaj stream kad se zavrsi sezona na moru...Volim Jadran i na zalost nikada nisam bio na moru,kad je zima-voleo bih da vidim..
Hrvoje Čipčić-Bragadin
2 years ago
Evo i prijedloga za postavljanje kamere u Bolu na Braču sa pogledom na najljepšu plažu na jadranu Zlatni rat i aquatorij ispred nje. TZ Bola je postavila statičnu web kameru čija je slika loša i veći dio godine izvan upotrebe a znam puno ljudi koji bi rado vidjeli vašu kameru baš na tom mjestu.
2 years ago
Svijetski rekord!!!!! 06.08.2012 19:01
2 years ago
Svaki dan si otvorim ovu veb stranicu jer ona je predivna da mi poseban podsrek za novi radni dan kad vidim naš plavi jadran a posebno mi bi bilo drago da se nađe i naša lijepa Rtina možda se netko od turističkih djelatnika sjeti i montira jednu kamericu evo dam da se stavi i na moju vikedicu kud puca preljepi pogled na Ljubačku uvlu sve do Vrsi i Paga.
2 years ago
i wish i was there now ...