Dover Beach - Kent live webcam
Direkt am Strand vom Dover Sea Safari

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    • 1 Woche vor
    • Harald

    I wouldn't want a moving camera here. Nor one with sound. The privacy of people visiting the place would be damaged too much, if we even heard them talking to each other, too. A moving camera would disturb watching the scene quietly, ships coming in and out of the harbour, kids sailing.... Many interesting cams, which were changed to movng cams aren't interesting any more, because the permanently changing views and perspectives make it impossible to concentrate on interesting items, for example at an African cam near a Safari Hotel, to watch elephants quietly while drinking at a little lake and caring for their baby-elefants. The cam looks at that picture and suddenly leaves the scene to show other areas - for a short time only again.. Sorry for my perhaps bad English, Greetings Harald

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    • 6 Monate vor
    • Reinhard Holaus

    Hi there, can anybody tell me what these diggers are working on??? - Thanks!