Solkan - Nova Gorica live camBeautiful view over Solkan and Nova Gorica from Skalnica Restaurant


Solkan - Nova Gorica

You can visit us at Solkan, at the foot of Sveta Gora (the Holy Mountain) at Nova Gorica. The location offers a magnificent view of Nova Gorica, Gorizia, the Soča River and the wonderful Solkan bridges with its breathtaking surroundings, even the sea can be admired in the distance!

According to the archaeological finds which date back to the Early Stone Age, the Metal Ages, the Roman Age and the Early Middle Ages, Solkan is considered to be one of the oldest settlements in the Soča Valley. It was first mentioned as castle or settlement near Gorica/Gorizia in an Imperial Document dated 28th April 1001. The name seems to be of pre-slavic origin but is has changed several times over the centuries: Silikanum, Syliganum, Salcanum, Zelcanum and finally Solkan.
Here there are many places and attractions to see and countrysides to explore: the Solkan bridges (the old and the new one), the Basilica on Sveta Gora Mountain – the Holy Mountain - the Church of St. Stephen with its old town, the military cemetery for soldiers who died during the First World War, a museum collection and lots more, paths, tiny streets, caves on the slopes of the Skalnica and Vodice mountains, a War Memorial of the First World War on Vodice Mountain, the Sabotin Mountains with its wonderful summits, the Soča River, the Kayak Center and many places to go fishing, jogging, walking or simply to rest and enjoy nature.

Cam on-line since: 07/09/2011