Deliceto - Piazzale Belvedere live camPanoramic view over Piazzale Belvedere in Deliceto

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    • 6 months ago
    • Gina

    I bet was a lovely place to grow up. I have been watching this cam just over a year now and love it. Joseph may be you can tell me if the people are just exercising, as you see the same little groups of people walking from one end to the other repeating the walk many times?

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    • 7 months ago
    • Joseph Dinnocenzio

    I have been watching DELICETO'S Piazzale Belvedere Live Cam for a while and I find it fantastic, it bring back memories to when I was a child running around on that Piazzale.
    QUESTION: is it possible to have the cam every so often randomly zoom on anybody walking on the Piazzale?

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    • 1 year ago
    • Mr. M

    Thanks for adding the audio to this camera.

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    • 2 years ago
    • Gina

    I love watching this cam. I have only just found it after Christmas.
    A lot of people seem to exercise here just walking up and down he street.